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Medical services play a significant role in the organization of social services. In human need, standardized organizations are always taken into consideration to get excellent health service.


Medical institutions include many institutions that are used to treat human diseases. For example, a general physician is consulted daily to get rid of minor and major ailments. For various conditions, it is always better to consult a specialist in that particular disease. Such as a Pediatrician for children-specific illnesses and to consult a Gynecologist for women-specific ailments. In the same way, there are many diseases whose specialists are known for their own identities. Such as dentists, homeopathy doctors, Hijama therapists, physiotherapists, diet & nutritionists, and cosmetic specialists provide services based on their unique expertise.


To get all these services, you have to go through various clinics and pharmacies and face many difficulties. In comparison, a polyclinic is a clinic where different doctors are present for other diseases and therapies and perform their medical services under one roof.


The Fatima polyclinic was established, keeping in view the polyclinic purpose, where various specialized doctors have been appointed to provide excellent quality treatment. Fatima Polyclinic has specialized doctors like general physicians, Gynecologists, health experts, homeopathic doctors, physiotherapists, Hijama therapists, etc. There is also a separate group of dentists, including dentists, Pediatric dentists, orthodontists, endodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, and oral surgeons. After a thorough examination of their experience and specialties, they have been included in the Fatima Polyclinic. The institute provides quality services at an affordable price through qualified and experienced doctors.

Mr. Mohsin Inamdar, Director

Mr. Mohsin Ahmed Inamdar is a Dental Technologist and has experience in a variety of medical facilities.

He observed and realized that the people need bigger and better services at reasonable prices. Therefore, he launched the Fatima Polyclinic in April 2016.

In addition to the Fatima Polyclinic, he runs businesses such as MiCreation Multiservices P.V.T L.T.D, Zebaish Collections, A. R. Tours & Medical Tourism.

Fatima Polyclinic offers various medical treatments and services.

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